Dahua 2MP Modular Outdoor Station


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Dahua 2MP Modular Outdoor Station

LET OP !!! werkt alleen in combinatie met de VTNS1006A-2 indien je hem 2-wire aan wil sluiten.

  • Modules make  the device with great expansibility
  • Anodized front aluminum panel; IK07
  • Supports voice and video communication
  • 2 MP high definition fisheye camera with 160° view range
  • Access control function; controls two locks
  • Compatible with 2-wire interface and RJ45 interface
  • Surface mount and flush mount
  • IP65 (Apply silica gel to gaps between the device and the wall. Liquid sodium silicate is recommended. For details, see the quick start guide.)



Beschikbare brackets – klik op het artkelnummer om te bekijken.

VTM01R2 – twee modules bracket op verticale standaard

VTM02R2 – twee modules bracket

VTM03R3 – drie modules bracket

VTM04R4 – vier modules (2*2) bracket

VTM06R6 – zes modules (2*3) bracket

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