Dahua 5.8G Wireless video transmission device


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  • Support outdoor temperature:-30℃~70℃,industrial design.
  • Wireless coverage recommended range≤3km, max 5km
  • Radio-frequency mouth anti-thunder reaches 15KV ESD
  • Support auto ranging function, real time display straight line distance between client and base station.
  • Support device auto reboot function
  • 5G mode support 4920~6100Mhz
  • Support flow control, effectively control base station/client input/output flow control
  • Support VLAN partition, realize virtual local network function, control broadcast storm
  • Support 802.1x authentication method, effectively guarantee client access control, provide access safety.
  • Support client priority setting, better dispatch each client when the mode is point-to-multipoint
  • Support multiple channel option (5M/10M/20M/40M), effectively improve anti-interference and penetration capability

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